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All grapes used to produce Ojalá Wines are selected from biodiverse wine regions within California's Central Coast all made clean, naturally and handcrafted for your enjoyment. Instead of owning large vineyards across California or across the world for that matter we hand select our grapes from reputable vineyards. Favoring the family owned vineyards that give their lands and their grapes personal tender loving care Ojalá shies away from the big corporate owned estates that care more for bottom line and quantity instead of quality. Our company tends to prefer grapes aged in American Oak Barrels mainly and put quality over anything else. Although based in Miami, FL our Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay and White Zinfandel are all from California. "No" and "impossible" are not part of our mission statement and neither are limiting beliefs on what can be done. We see ourselves as the next line of fiduciaries in continuing the great wine drinking tradition. Our wines are specifically made for the everyday wine enthusiast at a reasonable price for everyday wine lovers like you.


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