Old Forester 100 Proof Single Barrel

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Old Forester announced an update to its single barrel program that will change to allow patrons to have their selection bottled at proofs other than the old standard 90 proof: 100 proof and unfiltered barrel strength. Old Forester Single Barrel is bottled from one individual barrel, selected from lots which are hand-picked by Master Taster Jackie Zykan and it is crafted using the time-honored methods established by George Garvin Brown more than 150 years ago. The Old Forester Single Barrel Program only produces a limited number of barrels each year and will remain allocated based on production constraints. Individual buyers interested in purchasing a single barrel may reach out to a local off-premises or on-premise account where they have a relationship to see if they will facilitate a barrel purchase.

Tasting Notes.

Appearance: Dark amber color.

Nose: A wonderful rich nose of butterscotch, cherry, vanilla, and oak.

Palate: A well-crafted palate that balances oak and its sweeter side well. Wet oak and light pecan provide a weighted base that allows the caramel, maple syrup, and cherry coke flavors to nicely play off them.

Finish: Pepper, clove, and seasoned oak dominate. This leaves a mild aftertaste of darkness and slight bitterness. The mid-palate shows a gentle spice that carries into a peppery and sweet soft finish.

Spirits Type: Straight Bourbon

Distillery: Brown-Forman Shively Distillery

Origin: Kentucky (Louisville), United States

Cask Type: New, charred American oak

Mashbill: 72% Corn, 18% Rye, 10% Malted Barley

Warehouse 1 / Floor 2  Barrel # OF202145

ABV: 50% / 100 Proof

Bottling date: 10-26-2020

750 ML

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