Timeless Vodka 750ml

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Moments Matter Make Them Timeless.

Moments Matter Make Them Timeless. For every Celebration, ever milestone, and every special moment make it Timeless with the rich velvety smooth taste of Timeless Vodka. Four times distilled from fresh grown Iowa corn purified with a unique process using activated coconut carbon for a crisp and refreshing taste!
Origin: USA       Bottle: 750ML    Proof: 40% ABV   Company: Houston, TX

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    on Mar 29th 12:46PM
    I will start by saying I don’t normally drink vodka, but I was lucky enough to try some of this at a party and it was so smooth! I like how it mixes well with many things. It doesn’t taste overbearingly like alcohol, so it creeps up on you. This is my go-to vodka now!
  • Product Review
    on Mar 29th 12:23PM
    Timeless is by far one of the best vodkas I have ever tried. It is increasingly smooth. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to add something new to their liquor cabinet or restaurant drink options. :)
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