1792 Bourbon Small Batch

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Turn a spirit into a memorable gift with engraving, a one of a kind gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.


1792 Ridgemont Reserve is handcrafted from the finest corn, rye and malted barley. Our unique mash bill contains more rye than most, resulting in full-bodied, complex taste that's not too sweet. Each barrel of 1792 ages no less than 8 years. Once barrels reach their peak of maturity they are removed from Warehouse Z. Serve it neat, with a splash of water, or in traditional mixed drinks that allow bourbon character to shine through. Accolades WB 92.5  Big, weighty rye with an attitude. In a herd of any 30 random bourbons, this one would stand out by nose alone. The taste is puckering and mouthwatering, the ryes go ballistic, especially on the spice front. With salivation levels on full blast, it is sometimes hard to pick out the more delicate custard-cream and apple nuances. The oak finish kicks in at the death with a shot of liquorice and coffee. But the ryes refuse to be downbeaten. A shade heavier than when I first tasted this one with the oak showing a burlier attitude. However, the unique rye fizz ensures a delightful and by no means understated degree of charm. Fabulously different and wholly adorable. -Jim Murray's Whisky Bible, 2010 edition: 92.5 Rating

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