Distilled Quality Vodka Liter

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DQ Vodka is made with Swedish winter wheat.


Distilled Quality Vodka is a premium vodka, with the taste of Sweden. Only winter wheat from Swedish farmers is used for the mash, wheat that has been growing slowly under the winter snow. Winter wheat is the ultimate cereal for the production of good vodka due to its low protein content. It is estimated that about 3.5 kg of winter wheat is used for 1 liter of 100% alcohol, known as LPA. When fermenting, the yeast strain is carefully chosen. The yeast transforms natural sugar into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. The yeast strain is as important to the taste of the distillate as the winter wheat is. Before distillation, the mash is carefully checked to optimize production. The PH value and the sugar levels must be measured.When the yeast become "thick" and has formed enough ethyl alcohol, the mash should contain between 9-10% alcohol.

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    on Oct 5th 2:45AM
    It’s one the best Vodka. There’s no party without DQ Vodka.
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