Harry Blu's Gin

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Distilled From Grain in Miami


Harry Blu's comes to us as a New World Gin Distilled in Miami, from one of the purest spirits in the industry. The producers macerate, distill, and vapor infuse mostly organic and kosher ingredients to bring the potion to life. A true craft spirit made locally from a hand crafted recipe.

Main Ingredients: Juniper, Elder Flower, Citrus, botanicals, and spices.

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    on Mar 29th 8:58PM
    Harry Blu’s Gin is absolute spirit perfection. This gin’s soothing blend of botanical hints achieves an unparalleled taste like no other, and each sip will elicit a nice calming sensation in you. Aesthetically, the bottle is very well designed and the cork top is an elegant touch. I suggest, get yourself some now while you can, because this new gin is going to be a hit.
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