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Intense and smooth, Barrel Proof is bottled at anywhere from 125 to 140-proof, taking Jack’s trademark vanilla and toasted oak flavors to bold new levels.

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It is whiskey as nature intended it—bottled straight from the barrel at its full proof. Intense, smooth, and remarkably varied, Barrel Proof is bottled at anywhere from 125 to 140-proof, taking Jack’s trademark vanilla and toasted oak flavors to bold new levels.

As Master Distiller at Jack Daniels, Jeff Arnett has the enviable task of drilling and tasting all the individual barrels. It has been his wish to share the experience, that of enjoying Jack Daniels Whiskey uncut and un-filtered in its purest form that evolved into the launch of this unique and incredible expression. Jack Daniels Barrel Proof is Jack Daniel’s' first ever barrel strength whiskey joining ranks with Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select to become the second in the highly acclaimed and much coveted Single Barrel Collection.

The mash bill is made with the same mashbill as classic Jack (80 percent corn, 12 percent malted barley, 8 percent rye) and is mixed with same cave spring water that is used in all Jack Daniels whiskies. It has been fermented with J’D’s proprietary yeast blend and crafted using the same 150-year-old sour mash process. Enriching the whiskey with its signature mellow smokiness and deep, complex aroma and flavor profile attained as it permeates drop by precious drop through 10 feet of mapped charcoal

After this slow filtration Barrel Proof has been aged in exactly the same way, stored in charred white American oak barrels forged by Jack Daniel’s own coopers and resting in the upper floors of Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg, Tennessee rick house. Here the barrels are exposed to extreme temperature variations over many seasons, the liquid inside interacting with the wood as it heats and cools, pulling and pushing the liquid through, in and out of the wood grain during a natural process heightening the contrasts and nuances, enriching it even further.

These years of expertise and care have transcended to become Jack Daniel’s Barrel Proof, an expression that takes JD’s trademark sweet vanilla and toasted oak experience and metamorphoses it to a whole new level of bourbon drinking enjoyment. In its nature, every fully matured barrel delivers a whiskey that is slightly different, each with its own distinctive and diverse intensity and complexity however all come with the exceptionally smooth finish that is key in such a superior quality toasted charred oak barrel aged bourbon.

Unique, robust, and bold, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Collection Barrel Proof ranges from 107-140 proof and will delight the palate of all Jack Daniel’s enthusiasts.

Years ago, Jack Daniel’s released a juiced-up version of Old No. 7 called Single Barrel Barrel Proof which has remained largely absent from whiskey conversations. That needs to change.

While not labeled bourbon, most Tennessee whiskeys meet the criteria required to be called bourbon. After distillation, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey undergoes what is referred to as the Lincoln County Process. In the case of Jack Daniel’s, it pulls barrels from the upper levels of the rick house for their single barrel bottlings, with the barrel proof version being released in varying proofs ranging from 125 to 140, passing through charcoal that was made by burning maple wood that had been impregnated with 140 proof Jack Daniel’s whiskey before being put in new charred oak barrels and aged for an estimated 4-7 years.

This is the first time that Jack Daniel’s has offered their single barrel product to the public in barrel strength form.

Jack Daniel's already offers a single barrel whiskey watered down to 94 proof. The barrel proof, as the name suggests, is bottled at whatever proof the whiskey comes out in the barrel. As each barrel has a different alcohol content due to evaporation during the aging process, there is no standard proof for this bottling. The bottle reviewed was 66% abv

Tasting Notes:

Color: Burnished penny

Nose: Banana bread for days, toasted marshmallow, deep caramel, faint salted almonds. The nose is reminiscent of Michter’s Toasted Barrel Rye. Another observation: it somewhat reminds me of Barrell Bourbon Batch 013 because it leans more towards savory notes.

Palate: A combination of maple sugar candy and bananas lies on a bed of burnt wood. It is rich and inviting. Praline Pecans, over-ripe bananas, warm buttery biscuits. Very little heat for 132.4 proof.

Finish: Some heat immediately upon the swallow, but it fades quickly. Any sort of creaminess disappears as well. Then the oak tannins settle in. I get a bit of dry leather, but it morphs into dark chocolate and a campfire-charred marshmallow.

Country: Unites States of America

Region: Tennessee

Filtered through maple charcoal prior to aging

Cask Type: New, Charred American Oak Barrels.

ABV: 66.2

Proof: 132.4

Score: 92 / Jack Emen, Whiskey and Spirits Writer San Diego

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