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Arak is the staple liqueur of cultures throughout the Eastern Mediterranean. Distilled from grapes that are indigenous to the region and flavored with aniseed.


Espresso Flavor: Classic Italian pairing of anise and espresso. 16% alcohol.

750 ML

Inspired by Present-Day Miami Pop Culture

In a city steeped in rich history and cultural influences, the makers of Miami Arak are blending the traditional anise-tasting liqueur of the Eastern Mediterranean with the flavors of modern-day Miami life.

Arak has long been a popular alcoholic drink to enjoy with friends, family, and great food.

Now, Miami Arak brings timeless formulas together with unique, bold, fresh, and fun flavors, Toast to a good time with Miami ARAK, inspired by the vibrant pop culture, art deco, and immersive music scene of Miami.

Miami Arak is the staple liqueur of cultures throughout the Eastern Mediterranean. Distilled from grapes that are indigenous to the region and flavored with aniseed, the popular drink has a distinct but subtle licorice flavor. The high alcohol content in some varieties, combined with the characteristic white color the liqueur turns when diluted with water (just the simple science of emulsion when the aniseed essential oil combines with water), is how the drink earned its nickname: “The Milk of Lions.”

Miami Arak is a locally owned and operated distillery in Miami. Our goal is to take the traditional Eastern Mediterranean recipe for arak — simply, grapes indigenous to Lebanon and aniseed — and infuse it with distinctive flavors that strike the palate and piques the curiosity for more. We source ingredients from the Mediterranean and use only natural flavors and the highest-quality ingredients to craft each small batch of arak.

Cultures throughout the region covet the formulas for traditional Arak, many preferring to distill their own arak at home over commercial brands. At Miami Arak, we bring those timeless formulas to our locally owned distillery where we still make Original arak. What sets our arak apart from others is our collection of 5 flavors — Bubble Gum, Espresso, Lychee, Lemon Lime, and Toasted Marshmallow — that elevate the beverage and give it a distinctive Miami flair.

From dinner parties to night clubs, and every occasion in between, arak has been bringing people together for centuries. Today, we have kept the traditional formula alive and added dimension, depth, and diversity to the original anise liqueur flavor profile.

Locally Owned Distillery: Our collection of arak is distilled and bottled right here in Miami.

Quality, Imported Ingredients: Imported grapes and aniseed indigenous to the Eastern Mediterranean.

Start with The Best: Each flavor blend is carefully crafted into an Original blend of our arak.

Taste of Miami: Bubble gum, lemon-lime, and lychee flavors exude Miami pop culture.

Old Meets New: We use an old-world formula with flavors of modern-day Miami Life.

Connecting Us All: No matter the occasion, Arak has been bringing people together for centuries

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