Naked in Jamaica Spiced Rum 750 ML

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What are you afraid of . . . Your Limitations? Or Discovering your True Potential?


A rich planter’s style rum, Naked In Jamaica is a private label spirit produced by famed flying ace, world aerobatics champion, and vintage airplane collector Kermit Weeks. This unique rum was created to his own specifications by Florida Caribbean Distillers in Auburndale, Florida.  And while it looks like a dark rum because of its heavy, masculine, Jamaican pot still base, it is balanced by a feminine, sweet, coconut rum; all wrapped around a neutral spiced rum!

Naked In Jamaica rum was inspired by a song of the same name depicting a lifestyle of casual enjoyment in the tropical setting of Negril.  Kermit sees clothing as a metaphor of how we cover up our true selves and invites you to sip some Naked in Jamaica rum while pondering how you might remove the limitations keeping you from your dreams, strip off the inhibitions covering your true potential, and discard the false pretenses keeping you from expressing your true self to the world!  A noble "Message in a Bottle."

Naked in Jamaica is new to the market, yet has already won numerous awards.  And while Kermit designed it to mix with Orange Juice (his favorite drink, now called a "Naked in Jamaica"), half the people sampled enjoy it straight.  We invite you to express your own unique personality, come up with your own "Naked" drink, and then share it with the world!

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    on May 22nd 4:19PM
    The name attracted me, the description intrigued me, and the taste hooked me. It is a dam good Rum! Great straight, but even better mixed. The flavor borders on being dangerous - after the first one, I wanted another, and another . . . you get the drift!
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