Peerless Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey

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Peerless Straight Rye Whiskey is a well-balanced rye, bolstered by sweet tones of maple, brown sugar, and light citrus sweetness.


Peerless Straight Rye Whiskey is a well-balanced rye, bolstered by sweet tones of maple, brown sugar, and light citrus sweetness. Finish with a hint of oak and no harsh burn on the throat. Due to the carefully unique distilling process, Peerless offers a uniquely smooth taste that stands out from other ryes. A palatable sipping rye to be savored with friends and family.

Released on May 20, 2017, this bottling marks the first Peerless Whiskey release in over 100 years. This Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey was made from a sweet, not a sour, mash at this grain-to-bottle distillery. It aged for 24 months in new, charred American oak and is bottled at a cask-strength of 55.1% ABV.

Peerless is a storied brand that dates to the 1880’s when it was first barreled and sold by E.W. Worsham & Co. Operations based in Henderson, Kentucky. Like so many other distilleries during the time, the distillery and the Peerless brand became a victim of Prohibition. In 2014, the Peerless brand was reborn as Corky, and Carson Taylor refurbished a building in downtown Louisville and obtained the original Kentucky Distilled Spirits Plant Number (DSP-KY-50) from the original Peerless Distillery in the 1800’s. In March of 2015 they barreled their first rye. Two years later they are releasing their first 2-year-old small batch straight rye whiskey. Each bottle represents micro batching, with only six barrels blended to produce each batch. Additionally, the Taylors have chosen to use a sweet mash between each fermentation, which is a differentiation from the typical sour mash used by most distillers

Appearance: Dark amber.

Nose: The nose smells youthful but still flavorful. Fresh oak, banana, and corn lead the way. Behind this are slight hints of vanilla, rye, pine, pepper, grass, and anise with a hint of pumpkin pie. These are mixed with an ever-present hint of ethanol throughout. Overall, the nose is not a standout, yet it’s still a pleasant introduction.

Palate: Sweet and spicy flavors all wrapped into one. The rye initially hits your lips with a sweeter flavor profile before exploding into a spicy blast as it envelops your mouth. Brown sugar and vanilla are followed by a mixture of rye spice, oak, pepper, cinnamon spice, candied corn, mint, and a touch of peaches.

Finish: Corn and oak lead the way followed by dabs of leather, rye grain, and vanilla. The finish is slightly dry and ever so tannic. Lingering hints of new oak and dashes of smoke stay present long after the sip ends. Full bodied with a surprising smoothness for Rye Whiskey.

Company: Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company

Distillery: Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company

City: Louisville

State: Kentucky

Country: United States

Spirits Type: American Whiskey

Spirits Style: Straight Rye Whiskey

Non-Chill Filtered

Strictly Sweet Mash

Barrel Proof

Alcohol: 55.1 abv / Proof: 110.2

Barrel Date: 08-01-2015

Select on: 07-29-2020

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